Dell Logistics

Since 2004, BBB Express started providing reverse logistics services to DELL Logistics’ Warranty Parts Distribution Support, sending unfinished products and collecting the products back.

DELL being one of the top multinational computer technology companies that provides support and repairing services prioritizes excellent customer service. DELL values timely quality services and has a strict Service Level Agreement for all their service providers to ensure the best service is provided to their customers.

BBB Express, being the satellite hub operator for DELL, has 26 mini stores set up all around Malaysia to meet the time sensitive delivery requirements such as delivering to multiple locations simultaneously at a predefined time and assuring all parts reaches the destination in perfect condition.

With the valued Strategize, Customized and Satisfy (SCS) concept, BBB Express is able to satisfy DELL’s stiff requirements and the Service Level Agreement with their reputable high quality services. BBB Express started out delivering 8 parts a day for DELL Logistics and the number has been growing ever since, currently reaching close to 600 parts a day. Regardless of the means of services, BBB Express has been able to fulfil all service requirements.